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Property Maintenance

We offer a wide range of property maintenance services aimed towards management companies and private clients covering both residential and commercial properties.  

Every building is different which is why we offer free no obligation quotes to all our clients. Providing you with a bespoke tailored plan to fit your requirements and budget.


We ensure the highest quality of service and attention to detail while taking care to ensure minimal disruption. 



We offer many services including gas safety certificates, plumbing, electricity and gas, painting/decorating, carpentry, guttering, roofing, drain work and exterior work.


We also specialise in high pressured drain jetting and telescopic gutter cleaning: 

This is the fastest, most economical and environmentally friendly way to keep your drains and gutters clear, clean and problem-free.

The combination of water pressure and volume delivers a clean that cannot be achieved by other means. Unlike traditional methods of cleaning, pressure jets soften and emulsify blockages, loosen hard debris giving a more comprehensive clean and increasing the pipe longevity. 

The equipment is specially designed for high rise blocks and can mean the difference between a reoccurring problem or a simple and quick biannual service. 



Caxton Gate
32 Caxton Road
London W12 8AJ

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Block Management

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